Rock Solid FLX Excavation Services

Rock Solid Services is available for any excavating needs you may have. You can trust that we will fully invest our undivided attention and expertise into every excavation job. Our skilled workers perform a variety of tasks, such as grading, leveling, pool excavation, cleaning ditches, and creating drainage systems. With our experience and precision, you’re certain to receive the best results possible.



This service involves the removal of any kind of land, such as soil, or any other unwanted material. Call Rock Solid Services  for any questions regarding your land excavation!

Pool excavation

If you’re interested in having a pool in your yard, this is the very first step of the process! Pool excavation involves making sure the soil is suitable for a pool, and digging the hole for your future pool. Call  Rock Solid Services to get started on your pool!


If your drainage system is beyond repair, Rock Solid will come and perform a drainage excavation. We’ll perform the best service possible and upgrade your system with the best parts and materials.


This service involves the removal of the topmost area of the earth’s surface, such as vegetation, soil, or any other unwanted material. Call  Rock Solid Services for any questions regarding your topsoil excavation!


This service involves the removal of rocky surfaces, such as stone, cement, etc. Call Rock Solid Services  for your next project that needs stone excavation.


If you are looking for a worry-free handle on your demolition project then look no further. Rock Solid Services will handle your entire demolition project with professionalism and expertise, we will ensure that your project is finished within the projected deadline.

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